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Bridge Adapter · Version 1.0.4

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Kinetic Bridgehub Adapter Azure Rest

This Rest based bridge adapter was designed to work with Azure AD services v1 rest api.

Adapter Configurations

Name Description
Client Id The application id assigned by Azure
Client Secret The secret generated for the app
Tenant Id The directory tenant the application plans to operate against
Scope The value passed for the scope parameter in this request should be the resource identifier (application ID URI) of the resource you want, affixed with the .default suffix.

Supported structures

  • Users ___ ## Example Qualification Mapping
  • $filter=="pizza"
  • $search="displayName:foo" ___ ## Notes
  • To do a retrieve of a user the userId parameter must be passed in the qualification mapping.
  • This adapter is hard coded to the make requested against
  • Only sorting supported by the Azure AD source system is allowed. i.e. no adapter side sorting.
  • Fields are automatically added to the Azure request as $select=...
    • Fields return are case sensitive. If the return object has case then the field definition must match.
  • As per Azure documentation if $search or $count is included as a search parameter the adapter will add ConsistencyLevel: eventual to the request headers.
    • $count in the URI path is not supported
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