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Kinetic Tabular Data Find Kinetic Request RE

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This handler returns the request ids (field 1) for all records in the CUSTOM:KSSRVTableData_base form that match the provided query. This is returned in XML format (like below) for use in loops.

000000000000013 000000000000381 000000000002582

It also returns the instance ids (field 179) in a similar format:

AG0050569A648CU5tSUAUcZMAgc8AC AG0050569A648ClZtSUAkMVNAgVcYC AG0050569A648CMZtSUAKUBMAgMrkC

Note that this is not necessary if you want every row out of a table that is saved in the same tree. In that case, the results of the table data create handler can be used.

Name Description Sample
Survey Instance ID Survey Instance ID
Survey Template Name Survey Template Name
Originating ID Associated Request GUID <=%dataset['Originating ID']%>
Table Name Table Name ContactTable
Value1 Value in Column 1
Value2 Value in Column 2
Value3 Value in Column 3
Value4 Value in Column 4
Value5 Value in Column 5
Value6 Value in Column 6 Alternate Contact
Value7 Value in Column 7
Value8 Value in Column 8
Value9 Value in Column 9
Value10 Value in Column 10
Value11 Value in Column 11
Value12 Value in Column 12
Value13 Value in Column 13
Value14 Value in Column 14
Value15 Value in Column 15
Value16 Value in Column 16
Value17 Value in Column 17
Value18 Value in Column 18
Value19 Value in Column 19
Value20 Value in Column 20
Name Description
RequestIdList The request ids (field 1) of the updated record.
InstanceIdList The instance ids (field 179) of the updated record.

Kinetic Tabular Data Find (2013-06-17)

  • Expanding fields available to search by

Kinetic Tabular Data Find (2013-01-30)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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