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Kinetic Request CE Attachment Create From Url Kinetic Platform

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This handler creates a an attachment and uploads it to a Kinetic Request CE form. The file is created using the Filename and Url input parameters and is then passed to the specified form using the Content Type of the file that is downloaded from the Url. If the file is successfully uploaded, the handler will return a JSON file string that will be most likely used in conjunction with the Kinetic Request CE Submission Create handler. The JSON Files response should be passed directly to the Sumbission Create call as a part of the values object for the attachment question on the form. An example of using this handlers result is below (where "Upload Attachment" is the label for the attachment field on the form).

{"Upload Attachment" : <%=@results['kineticrequestce_attachmentcreatefromurl_v1']['Files']%>}

Name Description Sample
api_server Kinetic Request CE API Web Application http://server:port/kinetic
api_username Username for an account that has permission to use the API
api_password Password for the API user *********
space_slug The space slug (can also be set as a parameter).
enable_debug_logging Enable debug logging if the value is set to 'Yes'. No
Name Description Sample
Error Handling Determine what to return if an error is encountered. Raise Error
Space Slug The space to upload the newly created file to (defaults to info value if not provided). catalog
Kapp Slug The kapp to upload the newly created file to. acme
Form Slug The form to upload the newly created file to. attachment-form
Filename The name of the file to create. hello-world.txt
Url The Url to download (typically will be a url to a file).
Name Description
Handler Error Message Error message if an error was encountered and Error Handling is set to "Error Message".
Files The JSON response that is returned from Kinetic Request CE after uploading a file. This will the text that should be submitted as an attachment question value for a Submission Create call.

Kinetic Request CE Attachment Create From Url V1 (2018-09-25)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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