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Bridge Adapter · Version 5.0.3

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Kinetic Platform Bridgehub Adapter

This bridge adapter is used for setting up bridges to interact with the Kinetic Platform itself. This adapter replaced the Kinetic Core Bridge Adapter which is now depricated.

Common uses for the Kinetic Platform Bridge Adapter are to populate dropdowns and checkboxes within a Kinetic Form based from other Kinetic Forms or a list of Kinetic Platform users.

Configuration Values

Configuration Values provide connection information that configures where and how the adapter connects to the target system. Configuration values are set inside the Kinetic Platform admin console under Space > Settings > Plugins > Bridge Adapters > Specific Adapter.

Name Description Example Value
Username The username that will be used to access the Kinetic Core information
Password The password that is associated with the username secret-password
Kinetic Core Space Url The url of the Kinetic Core instance up to and including the space that up want to be retrieving the data from https://localhost:8080/kinetic/space-slug

Supported Structures=

Name Description
Space Get space
Datastore Forms Get datastore forms
Datastore Submissions Get a datastore submission. id=submission_slug required in qualification mapping
Datastroe Submissions > FORM_SLUG Get datastore submissions for a form
Kapps Get kapps
Forms > KAPP_SLUG Get forms for a kapp
Submissions Get a submission. id=submission_slug required in qualification mapping
Submissions > KAPP_SLUG Get submissions for a kapp
Submissions > KAPPSLUG > FORMSLUG Get submissions for a kapp and form
Teams Get teams
Users Get Users

Attributes and Fields

Attributes are a mapping between a Name that can be referenced in the Platform and Fields. Fields are accessors to values in the source system that will be returned with the record. Attributes are set inside the Kinetic Platform admin console under Space > Models > Specific Model > Attributes.

  • If no fields are provided then all fields will be returned.

Qualifications (Query)

Qualifications are definition for a request made by the bridge adapter. Qualifications are set inside the Kinetic Platform admin console under Space > Models > Specific Model > Qualifications.

  • This adapter supports all queries that Core api supports for the given context.
  • An id parameter is required for datastore submission and kapp submission lookups.

Example Qualifications

  • Get a form and its fields: q=slug="${parameters("Form Slug")}"&include=fields
  • Get teams by their parent name: q=parentName="${parameters('Parent')}"
  • Get datastore submissions by status and user: index=values[Status],values[Assigned Individual]&q=values[Status]="${parameters('Status')}" AND values[Assigned Individual]="${parameters('Username')}"

Important notes

  • Ampersands in the qualification mapping that are not intended to split parameters must be encoded. ex: index=values[foo],values[bar]&q=values[foo]="Fizz %26 Buzz" AND values[bar]=""
  • Ampersand can be in values represented by ${parameter(...)}. ex: index=values[foo],values[bar]&q=values[foo]="${parameter("foo")}" AND values[bar]="" where ${parameter("foo")} == Fizz & Buzz
  • This adapter can not currently be used with the Kinetic Calendar.

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