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This handler uses the REST Imgur API to upload a file to your Imgur account. Before using any Imgur handler for the first time, you will need to obtain a refresh token to connect to the account (Instructions for that can be found below). After doing that, the handler will connect to that account and then upload the image. Title, Description, and the Album are all optional attributes.

How to retrieve the Imgur Refresh Token

After downloading this handler, run the helper webpage in the handler/resources directory and follow the instructions on the page to generate the refresh token.

Name Description Sample
Title The title of the image. Test Picture
Description The description of the image. This is a sample picture
Album The id of the album you want to add the image to. 3TwfU
Attachment Question Menu Label: The menu label of the attachment question where the photo will be uploaded to.
Name Description

imgurimageupload_v1 (2013-12-10)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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