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Bridge Adapter · Version 2.1.0

Harvest Harvest


Harvest Bridge Adapter

An adapter for interacting with the Harvest v2 api

Configuration Values

Name Description
Access Token The personal access token set up for the Harvest account
Account Id The account id associated to the personal access token

Example Configuration

Name Value
Access Token 555555.rt.a.34t3g45yt5h45...
Account Id 123123

Supported Structures

Name Description
Contacts Get client contacts
Clients Get clients
Invoices Get invoices
Invoice > Messages Get messages associated with a given invoice
Invoice > Payments Get payments associate with a given invoice
Invoice Item Categories Get invoice item categories
Estimate > Messages Get messages associated with a given estimate
Estimates Get estimates
Estimate Item Categories Get estimate item categories
Tasks Get tasks
Time Entries Get time entries
User Assignments Get projects user assignments, active and archived
Task Assignments Get task assignments
Projects Get projects
Reports > Expenses Requires a report_type parameter. Valid values are clients, projects, categories, and team.
Adhoc Requires an accessor parameter.

Configuration example

Structure Qualification Mapping Description
Projects Get a list of projects
Projects client_id=2372100 Only return projects belonging to the client with the given ID
Projects id=14308069 Retrieve a single project
Users id={USER_ID} Get a user
Adhoc projects/{PROJECT_ID} Retrieve a single project using Adhoc
Adhoc projects?accessor=projects&client_id=2372100 Retrieve projects using Adhoc


  • JsonPath can be used to access nested values. The root of the path is the accessor for the Structure.
  • This adapter has been tested with the 1.0.3 bridgehub adapter.
  • The adapter only supports personal access token authentication at this time.
  • Pagination and sort order are not supported by the adapter, but Harvest source api behavior is supported.
  • From more information about harvest api visit Harvest API v2 Documentation
  • This adapter requires an id parameter to be passed to do a retrieve an element.

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