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Google Apps SA Sheets Row Clear Google Apps

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This handler uses the Google Sheets API ruby library to clear a row from a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Before using this handler, a valid Service Account must be created/used and the Google Sheets API needs to be enabled (see below for details on how to do this). Using the contents of a Google Service Account JSON key to authenticate against Google's API, the handler takes a spreadsheet id, worksheet name, and row number and removes the values from all the columns in that row. (If you don't already have the spreadsheet id, it can be found in the URL when editing a spreadsheet in the browser - between the /d/ and /edit.)

ie. For the url -

  • the id is: 1xyao84fV2LyU1svyx48KTSbBgiq_mPr2w142bbZce8g

serviceaccountkey_json Info Value

To authenticate with Google, the handler uses the contents to the Service Account JSON key to authenticate against Google. When the handler has been uploaded to Kinetic Task, open up the JSON key that was downloaded from Google (instructions below if needed) and copy the contents of it into the serviceaccountkey_json info value (copy everything, including the beginning and ending JSON braces {}).

Creating a Service Account

  1. Navigate to the 'Google Developers Console'
    • Located at
    • If the URL has changed, try googling 'Google API Developer Console' to either find the console or find Google's current documentation for how to create an API project
  2. Create a new API Project
    • If you have an existing project, navigate to that project page if you aren't already there by default
  3. Navigate to Credentials
  4. Create a new Credential of the type 'Service Account'
    • When creating the Service Account, choose a 'Key type' of JSON
  5. Make note of where the JSON key was downloaded on creation. It will be needed for authentication later.

Enabling the Google Sheets API

  1. In the Google Developers Console, navigate to the Library section
  2. Find the Google Sheets API and click on the link
  3. Find 'Enable' at the top of the page and click it to enable the API

Allowing an Impersonated User to Authenticate with the Service Account

NOTE: To allow an impersonated user to authenticate with a service account, a process called 'Domain-Wide Delegation of Authority' must be enacted by a Google Apps account admin to allow a Service Account to impersonate users.

  1. Go to your Google Apps domain’s Admin console.

  2. Go to the 'Security' page.

  3. Select 'Advanced settings' from the list of options. If it isn't on the page originally, click 'Show More' at the bottom of the page.

  4. Select 'Manage API client access' in the Authentication section.

  5. Using the Client Id associated with your service account, attach 'One or More API scopes' for the services that you want the Service Account to have access to.

- API Scope(s) needed for this handler: 

  - OR 


- If you don't have a Client Id associated with your Service Account (should see it under 'OAuth 2.0 client IDs' on the Credentials page), see the section below for setting that up 

- If they aren't explicity added in every time the scope list is updated, any scopes that have been previously setup will be removed. 

  - If you have a Client Id that already has domain wide calendar scope, to add the spreadsheets scope without losing the Calendar scope you need to add the Calendar scope to the comma separated list of scopes to add 



Creating a Client ID for a Service Account

  1. In the Google Developers Console, navigate to the Credentials section
  2. Navigate to Manage Service Accounts
  3. Edit the Service Account you want to give a Client ID to
  4. Select 'Enable G Suite Domain-Wide Delegation'
  5. Back on the Credentials page, the Service Account will now be associated with a Client ID
Name Description Sample
Sheet Id Id of the spreadsheet to clear values from.
Worksheet Name Name of the worksheet (inside the selected spreadsheet) to clear the row from Sheet 1
Row Number The row number to clear. 5

GoogleAppsSaSheetsRename_V1 (2017-07-10)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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