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Dropbox Folder Create Dropbox

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This handler uses the Dropbox Ruby SDK to create a folder in your dropbox instance. Before using any Dropbox handler for the first time, you will need to obtain an access key to connect to the account (Instructions for that can be found below). After doing that, the handler will connect to that account and then create a folder at the given path. The Dropbox Folder Path determines where your folder will be placed in the folder hierarchy of your Dropbox instance. If any of the folders in the path have not been previously created, this call to Dropbox will create the folder and then place the uploaded file inside of it.

How to retrieve the Dropbox Access Token

1. Create an app in the Dropbox App Console (if you already have an app, you can skip to step #5) 

2. First, go to the Dropbox Developers page and go to the App Console 

3. Click the 'Create app' button and choose the following options 
    - Dropbox API app 
    - File and datastores 
    - No - My app needs access to files already on Dropbox 
    - All file types - My app needs access to a user's full Dropbox. Only supported via the Core API. 
    - Input an App Name 

4. Click in to see the details of the app you just created and add 'http://localhost' to the OAuth redirect URIs 

5. To easily retrieve the access token, unzip the handler file and navigate to the resources folder (handler -> resources) and open retrieveAccessToken.html 

6. Follow the instructions on that page to generate your access token. Insert it into your info values and you are now properly authenticated with Dropbox! 
Name Description Sample
Dropbox Folder Path The location and name of the folder that you want to create. Folder/New Folder

dropboxfoldercreate_v1 (2013-11-12)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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