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Handler · Version 2

Remedy Generic Dataload BMC Remedy

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This handler takes a CSV file with Remedy form DB field names in the first row and loads the data into the specified Remedy form.

Name Description Sample
server Remedy Server Name or IP Address
username Remedy Login Name
password Remedy Password
port Remedy TCP Port 0
prognum Remedy RPC Prognum 0
authentication Remedy Authentication String
enable_debug_logging Enable debug logging if the value is set to 'Yes'. No
Name Description Sample
Remedy Form Name of Remedy form to load data into HPD:LoadTemplate
CSV File Menu label of the attachment field containing csv file with header row. Attachment
Submission ID Instance ID of submitted item containing the attachment <%=@base['CustomerSurveyInstanceId']%>
Name Description
Error Code
Result Message

Remedy Generic Dataload V2 (2016-08-30)

  • updated file processing to be able to handle a csv with a return character

Remedy Generic Dataload V1 (2016-08-25)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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