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Bridge Adapter · Version 2.0.2

Ars Rest BMC Remedy


Kinetic Bridgehub Adapter Ars9

This Rest based bridge adapter was designed to work with Remedy Action Request System version 9. This adapter utilizes the ARS Rest interface.

Configuration Values

Name Description Example Values
Username Username of user with privilege on the AR System
Password Privileged user's password secret-password
URL Origin Web address to AR System server

Supported structures

Name Description Example Values
Entry This allows for get operations on the entry object. Include the table to interact with. Entry > CMT:People
Adhoc This allows for the full path to be entered in the qualification mapping Adhoc

Attributes and Fields

If no fields were provided the adapter will return all fields. This can be useful when testing the bridge model.

  • Attributes field mappings are case sensitive.

Qualification (Query)

/api/arsys/v1 is appended to the Origin URL on every query to make the start of the API path. For the Adhoc Structure the qualification mapping value is appended to the end of the API path, see Notes for more details.

  • Adhoc Structure:
    • /entry/CMT:People?q='Remedy Login ID'="_fooBar"
  • Entry > CMT:People Structure:
    • q='Remedy Login ID'="_fooBar"


  • JsonPath can be used to access nested values. The root of the path is values.
  • Fields used in queries to Remedy are case sensitive.
  • The Bridge Adapter limits the number of records returned to 1000. This can be overridden to return fewer records.
  • In reference the Adhoc structure:
    • The Adhoc qualification mapping is split into two segments
    • ex: path?query
    • encoding in the path segment must be done manually.
    • Due to how frequent spaces are in the path the adapter automatically

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