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Bridge Adapter · Version 1.0.4

Ars BMC Remedy


BMC Remedy ARS Bridgehub Adapter

A Kinetic Bridgehub adapter for the BMC Remedy ARS platform. This adapter leverages the ARS Java interface.

Configuration Values

Name Description Example Values
Username Remedy login name Demo
Password Remedy password secret-password
Server Remedy server name or IP Address
Port Remedy TCP Port 3000
Prognum Remedy RPC Prognum 0

Supported Structures

Name Description Example Values
{Table Name} A table name is the supported structures CTM:People

Attributes and Fields

Only fields configured in the Attribute mapping will be returned.


  • This adapter has dependence's on the Java BMC ARS jar files and KD ArsHelpers project.
    • BMC ARS version 8.0.0 and build 001 are the current tested version.
    • KD ArsHelpers in an internal KD project, please request to get the jar file.

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