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BMC ITSM9 Person Update BMC Remedy

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Updates a single ITSM v9.x CTM People entry related to the Remedy Login specified with the REST API.

Note: If a site is provided and a site ID is not, an error will occur. If a site is provided without city, country, state, street, timezone, and zip/postal code information, the site will be set, but the "Site Address" field in CTM:People will still display the old location/address.

Note: If one component of the phone number is passed, all 4 should be.

Name Description Sample
api_server The ITSM ARS API application, if running task locally could be http://localhost:8008/ http://server:port/api
api_username Name of user account that has permission to use the ITSM API
api_password Password for the ITSM API user *********
enable_debug_logging Enable debug logging if the value is set to 'Yes'. No
Name Description Sample
Error Handling Determine what to return if an error is encountered. Raise Error
Remedy Login ID: The Remedy Login ID associated to the CTM People record to update.
Profile Status: The Remedy Profile Status.
First Name: The First Name to set
Last Name: The Last Name to set
Middle Name: The Middle Name/Initial to set, Optional
Client Type: The Client Type to set, often 'Office-Based Employee' or 'Contractor' or 'Customer'. Must be valid option of menu.
Client Sensitivity: The Client Sensitivity to set. Either Standard or Sensitive.
VIP: The VIP value to set. Yes or No
Author: The author of the creation to the person record.
Company: The Company to set
Organization: The Organization to set
Department: The Department to set
Email Address: The email address to set
Region: The region to set
Site Group: The site group to set
Site: The site to set
CC Business: The phone number country code to set
Area Code Business: The phone number area code to set
Local Part Business Phone: The phone number local part to set
Business Phone: The phone number (put together) to set
Language The language to set (ex. en_US, fr_FR) <%=@answers['New Language']%>
Support Staff:
Assignment Availability:
Desk Location:
Mail Station:
Managers Name:
Manager Login ID:
Primary Domain:
Cost Center Code:
Unrestricted Access:
Name Description
Handler Error Message Error, if one is found
Result Json result of the update

BMC ITSM9 Person Update V1 (2018-06-29)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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