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BMC ITSM7 Approver Alternate Add BMC Remedy

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This handler creates an entry in the AP:Alternate table for use with BMC ITSM7 Change Management. An alternate approval record is created with the specified information covering All (not a specific process) and returns the unique record id.

Name Description Sample
server Remedy Server Name or IP Address
username Remedy Login Name
password Remedy Password
port Remedy TCP Port 0
prognum Remedy RPC Prognum 0
authentication Remedy Authentication String
Name Description Sample
Alternate The Remedy ID of the new Alternate Approver <%=@results['create_approver']['New Approver']%>
For The Remedy ID of the person this is an alternate for <%=@dataset['Submitter']%>
Start Date The start of this alternate approver <%=@results['create_approver']['Start']%>
End Date The end of this alternate approver <%=@results['create_approver']['End']%>
Notify Alternate Should the Alternate be notified
Name Description
AlternateID The 'Request ID' field data of the record created.

BmcItsm7ApproverAlternateAdd (2012-05-10)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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