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Bridge Adapter · Version 1.0.0

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A Kinetic Bridgehub adapter for Amazon RDS

Structures ** Fields

  • BackupRetentionPeriod, MultiAZ, DBInstanceStatus, VpcSecurityGroups, DBInstanceIdentifier, PreferredBackupWindow, PreferredMaintenanceWindow, AvailabilityZone, LatestRestorableTime, ReadReplicaDBInstanceIdentifiers, Engine, PendingModifiedValues, LicenseModel, DBParameterGroups, Endpoint, EngineVersion, OptionGroupMemberships, DBSecurityGroups, PubliclyAccessible, DBName, AutoMinorVersionUpgrade, InstanceCreateTime, AllocatedStorage, MasterUsername, DBInstanceClass, DbiResourceId, MonitoringInterval, DBInstanceArn, StorageType, CACertificateIdentifier, DomainMemberships Queries

Amazon RDS has a plethora of query parameters that can be passed in to filter your search. Examples can be found at


Count: returns a count of DBInstances for the given user based on credentials. Takes no structure or qualifications.

Return: qualification is DBInstanceIdentifier={DBInstanceIdentifier} | field is one or more of fields in the Fields List above. Additionally, the field: FreeStorageSpace is an option. This field returns the remaining storage space on a DBInstance. Available space remaining will return in bytes. Qualifications: {dbinstanceidentifier}.

Search: returns list of instances by field (available fields listed above in fields). Qualifications can narrow search by DBInstanceIdentifier by adding 'DBInstanceIdentifier={dbinstanceidentifier}'.


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