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Bridge Adapter · Version 1.1.0

Autopilot Autopilot


Kinetic Bridgehub Adapter Autopilot

This Rest based bridge adapter was designed to work with Autopilot services "api2" rest api.

Adapter Configurations

Name Description
Token The application token

Supported structures

Structure Parameter * required
Contacts contact_id
Contacts > List * list_id
Adhoc * accessor

Example Qualification Mapping

  • __ ## Notes
  • JsonPath can be used to access nested values. The root of the path is values.
  • To get a single contact provide contactid=${id} __ ### Developer notes
  • All endpoints are conforming to JSON object except Custom Fields which returns a JSON array. Care must be taken if Custom Fields is ever an implemented Structure.
  • Pagination for contacts requires a token to be appended to the Contacts url.

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